Oliver’s Blog

Welcome to the Ladera Flower Shoppe Blog.

Here you will find Ladera Flower Shoppe news and information, photos, new items, sales, specials and more.

OliverThe best thing about our blog is that it is written and created by Oliver, our lovely Old English Sheep Dog.

He has been involved with the floral industry since he was adopted by Teri nearly 5 years ago and is considered an expert at most things flower related.

He alone is the reason you should pop into our shoppe.

His lovely disposition, child friendly manners and carefree lackadaisical attitude is appealing to everyone who has the pleasure of making his acquaintance.

On a very regular basis Oliver will offer his insight as to the freshness of our current floral inventory and what you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

He has committed to updating our blog regularly that is if we can pull him away from his frequent naps in the middle of the shop or his indulgence in a good rub down by one of his many admirers.


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